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people on camera to talk for sure last night at nationals park. >> this is awesome. >> wonderful. >> 79 years. >> the expos, but we're not the expos anymore. >> absolutely fantastic, this is awesome. >> we're the nats. >> bigger and better things to come here for the nationals. >> my first game, nats game was terrific. >> you're their good luck charm i goes. >> it beats the current campaign by far. >> '33? i don't remember it but i'm you know glad i was here for the next one. >> hot right now. >> first playoff appearance for a washington baseball team since 1933. >> even before i was born? >> pretty cool. that was matt jablow reporting just a reminder if you're interested in going to something that's actually positive in washington, d.c.? playoff tickets go on sale beginning 10:00 a.m. today. get them online or call 1-888- 632-nats. turning our attention to
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campaign 2012 if we must. the race for the white house went through florida thursday with both candidates courting hispanic voters. >> there's a new report that shows the president is raising money in a hurry. even more than mitt romney. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president obama shared a plate of fries with young voters while talking about student loans in south florida. >> what's the average tuition? >> $44,000. around that number. >> reporter: and mitt romney talked medicare in sarasota. >> i hope the people in florida understand this -- he cut medicare by $716 billion. >> reporter: two contrasting images in toll parts of the state -- two parts of the state, each with the same goal. florida's 29 electoral votes. but something president obama said during a candidate's forum on spanish language network drew the most attention. >> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. and that's how the big
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accomplishments like health care got done. was because we mobilized the american people to speak out. >> reporter: mitt romney was quick to jump on that comment. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. well, we're going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside! >> reporter: after campaigning during the day, both canal dates spent the evening in -- candidates spent the evening in florida fundraising and new reports out this morning show the president has gained the lead in the money race. president obama outraised and outspent mitt romney in august, all told he entered the final three months of the campaign with roughly $86 million left to spend. romney raised $67 million and spent about the same. but he still owes $15 million on a loan the campaign took out last month leaving him with $35 million at the start of september. president obama spent $66
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million on tv advertising, far outpacing romney's $18 million. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. now both campaigns are out of florida. the president is now going to be campaigning in ohio today. and mitt romney will be in nevada. 75dys after the election -- days after the election, whoever gets to be the president will be sworn in and it takes a lot of time to get ready for the huge inauguration ceremony. with hammer in hand workers in congress got work done for a change. they built the platform for the oaths of office. the ceremony celt for january 21st. all of the 33,000 u.s. troops deploy today afghanistan in a troop surge ordered by president obama two years ago, they are back home. now that leaves 68,000 american forces in the war zone. the president ordered the surge because of escalating taliban violence. u.s. embassies in the middle east and parts of asia are preparing for more possible protests today. people have demonstrated in
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front of u.s. missions in anger over the american made antiislamic film. president obama says extremists used the film as is an excuse to attack u.s. interests in the region. one of the actresses in the film at the center of the violence, "innocence of muslims" is suing the filmmaker for fraud and slander. she says she was tricked into appearing in the trailer. >> cindy, what was your understanding about what the film was about? >> when i originally was cast for the film the name of the film was "desert warriors" and on set. mohammed or muslims were never mentioned. >> garcia also says the voices in the film were added after the filming was done and she's been receiving repeated death threats. a judge rejected her request to order youtube and google to take down the trailer, the internet companies argued it violates the freedom of speech. microsoft and hewlett-
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packard are the subject now of a senate investigation. a report by a subcommittee says both companies avoided paying several billions in taxes. according to the report, both companies used tax loopholes and shifted profits to subsidiaries in other countries. now executives at microsoft and hewlett-packard say they complied with the nation's tax laws and did nothing illegally. congressional leaders say the house will wrap up an eight day session today. they will not be back at work -- until after the election november 6th. congress did pass a bill to keep the government funded through the end of the year. but they failed to reach an agreement on something to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. that's the combination of big spending cuts and the end of the bush tax cuts. and many economists say if this happens, it could push the economy over a cliff and into another recession. well, it doesn't look like members are going to vote on the president's veterans jobs corps bill either. there's also a farm bill which
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inlose a relief -- includes a relief for states hit hard by the yore's drought. another bill expedites reforms for the u.s. postal service. argue police are searching for a -- arlington police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman over the weekend who's deaf and mute. >> as andrea mccarren reports police detectives had to rely solely on written communications with the victim. >> it was dropped off by a cap at the rosslyn metro station where she went understood ground to catch a -- underground to catch a metro. >> reporter: in the early hours last saturday morning the victim was returning to virginia after a night out in d.c.. >> upon learning that the metro wasn't going to arrive in a short amount of time, she resurfaced to street level and attempted to find a cab. again to drive her back to her residence and was grabbed and pulled into an alley by the
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suspect. >> reporter: the deaf mute victim was especial little vulnerable at a time -- especially vulnerable at a time of day with few people to come to her aid. >> he placed his hand over her mouth. the victim was able to actually bite his hand and you know fought him off throughout the entire process and was able to get away. >> reporter: investigators are looking for any surveillance cameras in the area. in hopes of identitying their suspect. after traumatizing the victim the suspect allegedly robbed her of $45 in cash. in arlington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. here's a look at other things making news now. the suspect in the colorado movie massacre was in court thursday. james holmes now has short brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and mustache. during the hearing prosecutors gave up their efforts to get access to a notebook holmes acceptability to a therapist -- sent to a therapist shortly before the shooting. it's believed to contain details of a violent attack. he's accused of killing 12
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people and wounding dozens during a movie showing. the space shuttle endeavour is almost at the final retirement home. itlanded at edwards air force base last night on the back of the jet. the shuttle will be flown over sacramento, san francisco and other landmarks before touching down at l. a. x.. it will be moved to the california science center early next month where it will be permanently on display. the time right now is 4:38. today is expected to be a perfect end to the week. and also a good farewell to summer. howard is back in two minutes with your forecast. >> and are you psyched about the iphone 5 today is your day. >> i know you are. >> coming up at 4:41. how and why they're going in stores. >> and at 4:42 this could be one of the best years to find holiday work. >> we're back in two minutes.
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sunday morning on "biocentury this week", science and innovation in the era of fiscal austerity with nih director dr. francis collins. watch "biocentury this week" sunday at 8:30 only on wusa9.
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welcome back. 4:40. almost 4 listen 41 on this -- 4:41 on this friday morning and we love fridays around here. and we're going to love this one with sunshine. and a pleasantly warm afternoon. average high is now in the upper 70s and we'll be in the low 80s by 3:00 or 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. 77. the changes coming for the weekend when i see you next. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. southbound on i-95 out of baltimore to the beltway packed here at route 100. things are looking great no issues to report as you head down to the beltway and over to college park. northbound 95 coming out of virginia looks good as well. back with more coming up in a few minutes at 4:47. back to the desk. the time right now is 4:41. i like -- joking around with mike. today is a big day for mike hydeck. >> who cares? >> it's a big day for apple as well. in case you hadn't heard the iphone 5 hits store shelves in nine countries including the
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u.s. and canada today. now this is a look at the line outside of an apple store in claireen don. you can see people in their sleeping bags all set up. it's a phone -- we know that. apple's thinnest and fastest iphone yet has already broken sales records. preorders for the iphone 5 topped two million in just 24 hours and analysts expect the company to sell between five and eight million to have devices today alone. they warn some stores may have a fly shortage and some of us are getting our phones delivered today. like myself. now on wall street investors got another reminder that the job market remains weak. unemployment benefits fell just slightly last week. but not nearly enough to bring down the unemployment rate. stocks were mixed on the news and checking the numbers -- a new survey finds holiday
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hiring is expected to be at the strongest it's been in five years. 12% more employers plan to hire seasonal workers. only average, they'll hire 50% more workers than last year. earlier this week retail chain kohl's said it would hire nearly 53,000 holiday workers this year. that's up more than 10% from last year. good news. >> uh-huh. so did you hear the iphone 5 is coming out today? >> shut up. really? 4:43. still ahead a local auto dealership takes some steps to ensure the health of its workers. >> more on that story plus a beautiful weather first when we return.
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hello friends. 4:45. good morning. i'm going to double as leslie soon. i'll explain that in a little bit. just kidding, today is friday. glad you're with us, another beautiful day. a little bit warmer. >> got to 75 yesterday. one of the best days of the year i think. it was fantastic. today is going to be really nice too in the low 80s.
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>> that sounds great. sounds great. we'll take that. >> the weekend has some changes, how about fronts coming here late saturday? saturday afternoon and evening could see a couple of showers or storms moving across the region with the cold front and then sunday nice and crisp and autumnal once again. >> yes,. >> lets get to the bus stop forecast. you like autumn don't you mike? >> we like autumnal more than autumn. >> the crisp nights and warm days. nice time of year and we got that going on right now. clear and cool. temps ranging from the low 50s in the outer suburbs to the low 60s in town and by the way. sunrise just a few minutes now before 7:00 at 6:55. good deal of sunshine today. partly to mostly sunny. noontime temp in the middle 70s. you will enjoy the lunch hour especially outside for it. south winds 5 to 10. about 82 at 3:30, 4:00. and 5:00 temperature 79 degrees. nats? hey they clinched the wild card last night and now we got to get the division. going to see the brewers in town tonight.
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74 for first pitch and fall into the upper 60s for the latter and southeast winds around 9. this morning we are in the 50s in the suburbs and in fact culpeper and cumberland down to 52. 54 for bowie. 56 down there this morning. easton 55. outside on the michael & son weather camera, nice and quiet dry. there's wisconsin avenue on the bottom for you. 61 degrees. partly cloudy conditions. we have a dew point in the 50s now so this is starting to creep up just a bit and wind east/southeast at 3 miles an hour. light winds now and you'll notice the winds a little bit more tomorrow ahead of the front. want to point out the national temperature trend the next few days because we have a shot of cool air coming in. the 50s and 60s from the great lakes today. tomorrow they're going to expand more to the south and st. louis not even getting out of the 60s tomorrow. marquette only 48. some flakes across northern minnesota and the upper peninsula of michigan here early this morning. 50 marquette by sunday and the cool push heads to new york and
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around here as well. we're going to struggle to get to 70 degrees by sunday. thanks in part to this big upper storm spinning across much of south central canada the great lakes area. there are the showers with them this morning. that front comes through tomorrow afternoon and evening with showers and storms. but ahead of it we're going to warm up to 82 today. pretty nice day. tonight we'll only be in the low to mid-60s for lows under partly cloudy conditions. for saturday, 85. i'm going green. it's borderline yellow alert because you may get impacted a little bit by some of the afternoon and evening storms. and then on sunday we're going to cool down. only about 70. got the skins' game sunday. should be good weather for that. monday also nice start to the week. highs around 70. 4:48. let's check in with monika samtani. she's got your timesaver traffic. well, it's friday morning light. that's the good thing. no issues to report whatsoever around the beltway. the construction's clearing up. we'll go first over to 270 on the southbound side your lanes are open out of frederick. down to clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a look at the
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american legion bridge. light volume here. west side of town basically between 270 and 66 we'll will back over to the maps and take a look at 66 and the toll road. looking good as well coming in from centreville all the way to the beltway and all the construction hopefully should be cleared up shortly. a live look on the northbound side of i-95 and when is there every not a car here? at least you're moving up well to 395 and the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more in a few minutes. in the meantime though a recent article in experience life suggests that 50% of americans are suffering from a hidden epidemic. the author calls it diabetisy. there's a solution. the staff at one glamorous local car dealership is feeling even finer than the automobiles at the euro motor cars showroom
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in bethesda you're immediately struck by the glitz, the shiny new luxury vehicles and an atmosphere that exudes sexy. but this slim handsome sales manager wasn't always this svelte. >> i hated having to hold my breath to tie my shoes. i couldn't get all the way down there can continue it. it was a progression. every year it got a little bit worse and put on a few more pounds. >> in fact, not only has greg kept the weight off for over a year, but he inspired 11 co- workers to do it too. >> i've lost 29 pounds. >> 45 pounds. >> 41 pounds. >> 70 pounds. >> 41 pounds. >> 25 pounds. >> 70 pounds and five months. [ laughter ] >> altogether, that's nearly 500 pounds. and the weight loss has had other benefits. >> i've stopped all the diabetes the medicine the doctors have had me on the last couple of months. >> . you are not a diabetic
4:51 am
anymore. >> not at all. >> they collectively went on the program at body tech. getting weighed and measured weekly and consulting with owner larry kay to change their eating habits. >> it seems like diabetes, is a direct result of diet most of the time. particularly type ii diabetes. we do our best to correct these problems with food. >> type ii diabetic general manager charlie harmell is happy with the results too. >> i experienced this myself. which makes overall more productive at work and also in their own personal lives at home. >> it's nice to feel healthy. and to go out and ride my bike and be active and see friends and not feel overwhelmed or tired or -- you know unattractive. >> there's been an amazing transformation with the staff involved. they simply changed their mindset about how they view food. andrea, jessica and i all have diabetes in our family as well
4:52 am
and like last year we'll be coming out for the walk to stop diabetes. it's on saturday, october 20th and you can join me on facebook. i myself am taking steps to stay fit after 40. i have a photo blog on facebook and i invite you to share your stories as well. >> and she's trying some very interesting foods on the photo blog. >> like kale? >> yes. she's going to check that out. great story monika. okay, surgery is safer worldwide now according to a new study in the ran set. the findings show the risk of dying during surgery or in the first two days afterwards have dropped nearly 90% over the last 50 years. researchers say improvements in anesthesia are the biggest reasons. a chemical in the brain may be why many people find it hard to stop eating chocolate. and other sweets. researchers at the university of michigan gave rats a drug which boosted activity in a part of the brain linked to
4:53 am
addiction. the animals ate twice as much chocolate as they normally would have and doctors believe chemicals produced in this part of the brain may lead to overeating. time right now is 4:53 and time for the question of the morning. it is -- >> very interesting, log on to the facebook fan page. leave your response, we'll have the answer coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> if you give the right answer you will have the chance to win this. >> it's a $50 gas card. yesterday's winner allison and today is the final day to be randomly chosen to win a $50 gas card and gas ain't cheap. that helps. we'll be right back.
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it is 4:55. your weather first on this friday morning. looking good. we're talking about temperatures today which are going to be very nice. we start in the 50s and 60s. temperatures will be rising into the mid 70s by lunchtime. with a high in the low 8 # oz.. a great way -- 80s. a great way to finish the last full day of summer. monika? on the northbound side of i- 395, lanes are open from the beltway up to the 14th street bridge. no issues to report over any of the potomac or anacostia river crossing right now. back with more coming up at 5:01. back to you guys. u.s. park police are expanding their public alert system. they'll provide alerts to visitors to the national parks in the d.c. area, communities which surround the parks and commuters who use the parkways in the d.c. area. alerts will cover things like road closures and special events. you can subscribe to the alerts by texting "u.s. pp d.c." to 888777. as maryland looks to expand
4:57 am
gambling there's a new movie underway to help people who go overboard when it comes the gambling. university of maryland student of medicine says it -- school of medicine says it received a grant to create a problem gambling center. among other things it will feature a telephone helpline referring problem gamblers to treatment centers and maryland residents will be deciding in november whether or not to add table games and a new casino in prince george's county. clint eastwood takes a break from directing and getting back in front of the camera with a new film "trouble with the curve" that hits theaters today. >> the very complicated relationship with his daughter. we have the latest. >> when i first signed you up, you were hitting great. >> reporter: clint eastwood plays a gruff baseball scout who can tell the quality of a pitch just by the sound of the swing. in the film "trouble with the curve" he is struggling with
4:58 am
health problems but on the movie set he tried to help the cast including amy adams who plays his baseball loving daughter. >> he thinks people pull out of driveways too slowly in film or something? he's just like go, this is what you go. put it in gear and when i say go, go. he was just hamming out of the car and i'm going to kill him. everyone thought it was hysterical because clint apparently loves it when people pull out quickly. >> reporter: justin timberlake plays the love interest. >> he's very laid back. he's funny, he's charging. >> reporter: eastwood is 82 years old. so many home runs at the box office he stopped keeping score. if you kept track of how many movies you've been? >> there's a list of it somewhere but i don't know what it is. but this -- everybody keeps reminding me that this film is the first film in 19 years that i haven't directed and acted in. >> reporter: and he isn't tipping his hand about what's
4:59 am
next. acting or directing. any more for you or is this it? >> i don't know. i probably won't do both anymore, one or the other. >> reporter: eastwood admits he's looking for the next script to bring to the big screen. bigad shaban. cbs news, los angeles. >> good morning, you're watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is off this friday. >> f. r. i. d. a. y.. that sounds good does it not? i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us. hello monika. >> in other words tgif. >> giddy-up. mr. bernstein? >> we had a great day yesterday and another very nice day today. depending on your perspective just a tad warmer today. i know because you're going to return this one to the store. first get you going with a look at the day planner. i just made that up jess. >> i love that. >> 60 degrees and 75 by noon with sunshine and then this afternoon we're going into the low 80s with a 5:00 temperature still lovely at 79

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